Welcome to the log... πŸ“Š


This is a place to log my word count on a novel to which I intend to dedicate significant time and resources in 2024. It’s a story that feels urgent for me to tell.

Most up-to-date word count is in bold below. I update it every week, on Sunday night.

By making this log public, I’m asking to be held to task if I start flatlining.

My writing time is finite β€” and I intend to dedicate the lion’s share of it to this project. I haven’t yet worked out how it will interact with Life Litter β€” or how much of a hit Litter frequency will have to take. Watch this space.

If Litter has value for you or if you feel sad that Litter frequency might have to take a hit, you could always buy me a coffee β˜•οΈ or take out a paid subscription to tell me it matters to you and to support my work.

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