A reader's guide.... Life Litter

Jul 24, 2023
Hand-drawn repurposed corporate spider chart as Litter navigational aide

This infographic — replete with outer space stickers pilfered from my son’s arts and crafts drawer — was born in a really boring presentation at work.

If you’ve read Wordsmoke, you’ll know I love a mind map — but the original of this one was unbearable. You might be able to spot the corporate-speak bubbles at the centre: “People & Culture”, “Strategy”, “Risk Management”, etc. (please excuse me while I dry-heave over the buffet of corn chip sandwiches and other sad offerings of corporate parsimony).

Anyway, my mind (understandably) wandered and, conscious of not wasting my finite time on this planet, I adapted the graphic. My favourite bits are in the top-left (writing as map) and top-right, a pertinent quote from the novel Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel:

“What’s the point of doing all that work if no one sees it? It makes me happy. It’s peaceful, spending hours working on it. It doesn’t really matter to me if anyone else sees it.”