Ages since my visit. Lovely village

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So I had to look up car boot sale because I couldn’t figure out what you were trying to buy ha ha here we call it a garage sale. A car boot is something the authorities put on the car to immobilize it if it has too many parking tickets or some other scofflaw.

But your week in Wales sounded adventurous and fun, and the best thing is you’ll have great memories.

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Gorgeous post, Jill - apart from the ceiling in Bath, which I'm trying soooooo hard to get out of my head.....! 😳🫣 #tmi

Yes to books and book shops and cafés that DO deign to sell you menu items that are in stock. And especially yes to the next mountain to climb, whether it indeed be a mountain or all 179 miles of Offa's Dyke Path! Onwards, Jill and Joel - and if not upwards, then most certainly along! 🤣

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