twigged ? This needs a footnote for your non Brit family of readers, but I don’t really appreciate footnotes.

I Certainly hope my dear niece will not become Miss Manners that would be so boring. As long as you don’t open the conversation with ...gee it looks like you’ve gained a little weight. I think you’re OK., no matter.

There’s a great quote from Eleanor Roosevelt.

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."

And then there’s the quote from grandma Jean about you, and all the other girls in our family “she has a mind of her own.”

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I’m going to be requiring a whole lot more of these please because suddenly I feel like less of a lone idiot 😊. (Not that you’re an idiot... SEE? I can’t help myself.)

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I’d rather awkward and with some spunk like you seem, than dull and boring. Keep going with your awkwardness! Also, take the damn compliment! Haha

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You, lady, are a doofus. As someone who kind of knows you, my first impression was that you're beautiful and funny and intelligent and therefore slightly intimidating. But I am clearly wrong. And you are obviously way more English than I thought because this is the exact shit that we all do. Awkward encounters is part of life. Lean into them and share them for our entertainment, but don't let them define your awesome self xx

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